Cemetery and Memorial
Wytschaete Military Cemetery

This cemetery is located along the Wijtschatestraat towards Kemmel about 350 meters west of the village of Wijtschate. This cemetery was constructed after the ceasefire by bringing together several cemeteries, four from Kemmel and one from Wijtschate. The cemetery is surrounded by both meadows, forests and buildings, with an area of ​​3267m², surrounded by gardens and a natural stone wall along the street side. There are 1003 dead buried, of which 674 unknowns, among the dead are 310 known and 623 unknown British, 11 known and 20 unknown Australians, 5 famous and 14 unknown Canadians, 1 famous and 6 unknown New Zealanders, 1 famous and 10 unknown South Africans, 1 Germans are also buried here.

  Entrance of the cemetery

  View of the cemetery

  View of the Cross of Sacrifice

  Here you will see the building

Memorial 16th Irish Division

Found just next to Wytschaete Military Cemetery, as a memorial to all Irishmen who gave their lives in the victory of Wijtschate on June 7, 1917. This memorial was revealed on August 22, 1926, the 16th and 36th Irish divisions, both Protestant and Catholic units, of which The composition must be seen against the political background of the torn Ireland, repeatedly side by side in front of France and Flanders, both divisions conquered the ruins of Wijtschate.


  Inscription to remind the Irish units

  Dig the Sappers T.H.Pootes 38 years 04.02.1916 and H.J.Vollum 08.11.1915 from the Canadian Engineers                   
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Tomb of Sapper W.E. Parsons Royal Engineers 19years 15.02.1915 A soldier of the Great War 2nd Law. South African INE Private J.W.C. Abbott Tanks Corps 27years 25.04.1918 German unknown soldier fell for Germany 1914-1918