Onraet Wood or B2 Wald

The Onraetbos or B2 Wald is located west of the Ieperstraat amounting to number 6 on the N365 coming from St. Eloi in the direction Wijtschate.

The aerial photo shows what looks like the current forest. In the middle you see the remaining refuge in the meadow, right on the edge of the woods, there are six underground shelters and themselves still remains in the woods.

This photo shows the bunkers that were the end of the war, which left broken it in the middle is still there, this right is also degraded

The above construction was of British manufacture are given the Germans never place an entrance to a bunker at the enemy.Probably by the 153th Field Company of the Royal Engineers (37th Division)

British map with designation of the forest and the farm

German map with the German name of the forest Wald B2 and B2-Hof farm.

B2 Hof farm also called Grenz Court was built in 1916 and strengthened western surrounded by barbed wire. The German card 14.Koniglich Saxon Infantry Regiment Nr. 179 (24th Division) representing the positions occupied, state indicated as from a control station of the Kampftruppen which were located in the Grenz-Hof. There drawn guns were heading north and south of the farm and grove. At the farm itself walking a machine gun unit stationed in reserve. In addition, there was also a "Blink Station" to give light signals, on the southern edge of the grove, at the entrance to the farm was possibly also established a medical post. The forest was captured by the British on August 9, 1918. The remaining current forest are still remnants of bunkers.