't Lindebos was a farm and inn located in the Hollebekestraat east of the church of Wijtschate. This farm located on the strategic Ieper Arch (hill hill) was occupied by the Germans. From here they could see the area westward and build the Germans into a fortress.

The height would have been occupied for more than two and a half years, because of the bombings of the British, this farm was completely destroyed. The occupant of the war Rene Lottegier with wife Irma Decommer flew along with their daughter Madeleine away from Wijtschate, leaving the farm and most of their possessions, they traveled south of France to the Spanish border.

In 1919, Rene Lottegier returned and began rebuilding the farm.

Germans posing for the destroyed Inn 'Lindebosch'

German soldiers posing for the Inn 'Lindebosch'

The Inn 'Lindebosch' with posing German soldiers

Pentecost of the Inn 'Lindebosch'


In the close vicinity of "The Lindebos", against the flanks of the Huikerbossen, another German bunker is found from the end of 1915 at the beginning of 1916, which is 3150 meters northeast of Wijtschate, which can be reached via Langwegelken And the footpaths in the forest. This bunker was later conquered and used by the British. In a meadow below the ground there is another 50 meter long tunnel at the depths of 10 meters where the British soldiers shed. It was a British shelter with 250 beds. One can only see its access, the tunnel is full of water.

German bunker on the flank of the Huikerbossen