Helletje - Waldlust

The Hellenken highest point of Wijtschate is west of the road Wijtschate to Mesen was occupied by Germans during the first world war. This forest was halfway between Wijtschate and Mesen, near the German Höhenlinie. This line was run by the Verrat Farm (Farm), located southeast of Helletje Forest.

In the Ieper Street of Wijtschate to Mesen there are still constructions, namely a terraced concrete structure in the outbuildings integrated from the house number 137 at an altitude of about 500 meters southeast of Wijtschate, 300 meters west of Torreken Farm Cemetery and about 300 meters north of the German concrete construction of Ieper Street 158.

                    German map listing Waldlust and Höhenlinie     
PicK House

This German construction is located along the Whitesheet (British name of Wijtschate) Road, not comparable to Four Huns Dugout, which was 600 meters south. Pick House was a German command post from which was heavily opposed during the Mine Battle of 7 June 1917, just behind the Höhenlinie, the second German posture, and was part of a network of trenches and bunkers near Pick House.


This brightly-fought German command post, who survived the war, has suffered almost no damage during the Mine Battle of 7 June 1917 and during the German Spring Offensive April 1918 and several times. The Germans were forced to surrender by the 10th Irish Rifles.

                     Pick House bunker as it looks today

Pick House bunker before

Pick House bunker fully overgrown

Torreken Farm cemetery

Can be reached by a path next to Langebunderstraat house number 5, 800 meters southeast of Wijtschate village, the road is tensioned with barbed wire. This cemetery was built by the 5th Dorset regiment in June 1917 and used as a frontline cemetery until April 1918. There are 70 English, 20 Autralian and 14 Germans buried at this cemetery.

                     The path to Torreken Farm Cemetery

View of Torreken Farm Cemetery

Entrance Torreken Farm Cemetery

View of the graves

View of the Cross of Sacrifice                     
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Torreken Farm Cemetery
                         Torreken Farm Cemetery                          German grave of Max Schöpel                                                   Grafzerk with four German soldiers together                          Tomb of Private J.J.Callaghan The King's Liverpool Regiment Tomb of Sergeant R.Carney 18 years The Rifle Brigade Graveyard of C.QMR.Sergant G.Taylor Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Pick House
Pick House west side of the bunker