Grand Bois - Current Wytschate Wood

The so called Grand Bois or "Hessenwald", as the current Wytschatebos mentioned, is located northwest of the church of Wytschate, between the Vierstraat, Kroonaard Street and Wytschate Street.

Map of the Wytschate Wood - Grand Bois - Hessenwald

Grand Bois - Hessenwald
Map showing where you are located Grand Bois

Mineshaft "Dietrich"

After the Germans ingested the Hessenwald forest, one of the 29 mining shafts dug here, the mine shaft "Dietrich". From the beginning of 1917, the German Mineure dug out from the 2nd line in the 'D' layers, two countermine shafts, the 'Daniel' (not visible) and 'Dietrich' were mentioned. These to run of the Mine Battle of June 7 1917. As the Germans got there, underground activities were being undertaken by the Allied Depths and Depths. Through these countermine shafts, the German army leadership hoped to eavesdrop the enemy's underground work to respond appropriately. With these two countermen, the German army led it to two deep-mines near Petit Bois. Exceptionally, the Saxon Mineure built "Dietrich" by using specially cast, curved concrete blocks, the circular shape of the shaft following and reinforced with fasteners of about 5 to 6 mm thickness, provided in this way. Normally woods were used for such shafts, reinforced with steel rings. 'Dietrich' departed from a concrete bunker, with 2 entry steps downwards and presumably gives access to a depth of 45 meters to a wooden tunnel that did not finish. The roof of the concrete bunker was broken down after the war to recover the iron, the debris of the roof is still in the construction.

Entrance of the shaft Dietrich

Bunker whose foof is broken