The Godtschalck Institute

The Godtschalck Agricultural School was located along the Vierstraat, but was completely destroyed during the war, it was no longer rebuilt. There are now sports fields and the sports hall.

History of the Godtschalck Agricultural School.

This was due thanks to Charles Frédèric-Lièvin Godtschalck, the jury, born in Ghent on December 13, 1809 and died in Zillebeke on February 17, 1892), married in 1836 with Sophie-Thérèse-Jeanette Vergauwen and officially resident in Munte in The castle of Ter Zinkt. However, he remained largely at Herenthagehof castle in Ypres.

He had written in his will in 1885 that he gave his wealth to Ypres Godshouses, which was the forerunner of the present OCMW. His assets were estimated at between 120,000 and 150,000 € and consisted of 88ha farms, 35 hectares of forests and income from landlords in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. The condition was that there was a.


Agricultural school will be set up in Wijtschate, also that there would be room for orphans who could learn the profession of farmer, garden plant. It was also envisaged that there should be an initiative for girls to get this donation. The construction of Saint Joseph's foundation began in 1905 and was completed in 1911.


This became the most modern agricultural school at that time. Info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Godtschalck

                                          Godtschalck Agricultural School in 1905

Godtschalck Agricultural School in Wijtschate period 1900-1914

                                       Godtschalck agricultural school period 1905-1911

And then the war came.

In September 1914, Godtschalck also called Hospice a refuge for citizens who were in flight for the approaching Germans. The French took first use of the Hospice and digging trenches for the building's façade, in November 1914 it was alternating in French and German hands. It was fiercely fought for this site.

On November 13, 1914, it became German hands for 2 years and 7 months, making use of the numerous cellars that were ideal for resting the soldiers. The building was completely destroyed.

German photo taken by R.I.R.213

German Photo 1916

German photo from 1916

Photo taken by Inf.Regt.Nr.182 Take the Hospiz winter 1915-16
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