Gapaard is a hamlet located southeast of Wytschate, north of the Komen Street and west of the Rijsel Street.

There were already around October 20, 1914 near the Gapaard fights between the British and Germans who pushed to the Wambekebeek before heavy fighting took place again October 29,1914.

The Germans continued to Messines on November 1, 1914 and then past In de Kruis Street on November 8, 1914. Near the Gapaard Street, a fighter bunker was built by the Germans as they had a complete view of their enemy's movements.

Get panoramic view from the gunsmith's place

German gunman
This bunker is located at the farmhouse Gapaard Street 7

A photo taken by Gapaard

Outlawed German shot 21cm near the Gapaard

Cabin Hill Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the Waterput Street, 50m from the track to the Gapaard district and easily accessible from Messines. She is close to the slaughterhouse and the former stone bakery. The name "Cabin Hill" refers to a shepherd's hut that was located at that time.

The cemetery was taken by the 11th Division in June 1917, and was a frontline cemetery until March 1918. There are 42 defeats from the United Kingdom and 25 Australians from the 18th and 59th Battalion.

Cemetery entrance

View of the Cemetery and the Cross of Sacrifice
German proposition to the Gapaard
                                          German guard in their statement to the Gapaard                      German proposition to the Gapaard

Cabin Hill Cemetery
Path to the cemetery Cemetery entrance