Bayernwald - Croonaertbos

Bayernwald or Croonaert Forets is located on the ridge north of Wytschaete, which is military strategic value. Situated in the Voormezelestreet right next to Wytschaete and to Voormezele.

This site can be visited individually: Voormezelestreet 2 8950 Heuvelland-Wytschaete from 9 am every day to 18 hours pm. Groups>40: recommended reservation. Please note that opening hours for Tourism Heuvelland not run directly from Bayernwald

Guide only on request, can obtain a leaflet explaining to the tourist office. The site is wheelchair accessible. Not the trenches themselves. Pets stay on the line at the entrance. Recommended reservation for large groups.

One can log on to the Tourism Heuvelland Polandstreet 18950 Heuvellend(Kemmel). Tel: +32(0)57 45 04 55 or toerisme@heuvelland.be from Monday to Saturday 9u30 am tot 12u00 en van 13u00 tot 17u00 pm, on Sondays and public holidays from vanaf 9u30 am tot 12u00 en van 13u00 tot 16u00 pm.

From November 2017 from 9u30 am tot 12u00 en van 13u00 tot 16u00 pm, on Sundays and public holidays: closed (open op 27 and March 28 2018 (Easter).

Brief history about Bayernwald

In November 1914 the British, irish, French and Bavarian soldiers gave a fierce battle, a strategically located hill in Wytschaete lying at an altitude of 40 meters. The Germans conquered this place and called it Bayernwald.From 1914 to 1917the Germans built Bayernwald into an impregnable fortress.There are initially recognized at September 1918 10 dugouts, consisting of two rooms with a clear height of 1.20 meters built of prefabricated concrete blocks dating back to 1916. There remain now seen four in the site.

There were also mine shafts which can be seen there are now two, the Bertha 4: is 25 meters deep. The existing structure is 17 meters and is not accessible and the Shaft 5 entrance is not accessible. The base of the trench consist of reserve frames bearing ramps.The water is carried away underneath. The walls are firmly anchored with basketry in wicker. Source info:Bayernwald-Croonaert 1914-1918. studies 2 ABAF

German map of the Bayernwald

1.Bayernwald seen from the air

2.Sight on Bayernwald


The base of the trench consists of reserve frames braring ramps.The water is carried away underneath.The walls are firmly anchored with basketry in wicker.


There are four dugouts in the site and there all of two rooms sysytem and a clear height of 1.20 meters as shelter for the troops builted from prefabricated concrete blocks, they date from the summer 1916.

In September 1918 there were originally ten dugouts that offered a room for 47 men.

Shaft Bertha 4

This mine shaft Bertha 4 was originally 25 meters deep and inaccessible. The existing structure you see is 17 meters deep and protected.

Entrance to the shaft, as you can see state full of water and which is shielded.

Shaft 5 mine
Entrance to Shaft 5 also shielded and protected.

Croonaert Chapel Cemetery

The Croonaert Chapel was on the road from Voormezele to Wijtschate. Croonaert Chapel Cemetery is about 150m from W of this road. Croonaert Chapel Cemetery is located amid the fields in hilly area. The cemetery can be reached from Voormezelestraat, via a 200m grass road. At 500m to S lies' Bayernwald ', at 450m at SW there are the Dutch craters' craters. At the beginning of the access road is the memorial for Lt. Lasnier and the 1st French Battalion Hunters to Feet.

Path to the entrance of the cemetery

The cemetery was in no man's land for the mining battle
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Ypres Street at Wytschaete Church of Wytschaete Rebuilding the village Croonaert Chapel View of Ypres from Bayernwald View of Mount Kemmel from Bayernwald View of the No Man's Land from Bayernwald Shafts are protected and shielded Memorial of the Seidenschleier
Current house where the inn "De Croonaert"was once, behind the house in the meadow are still the remains of the Red Chateau The Godtschalck Castle or Red Chateau Path to the entrance of the cemetery Croonaert Chapel Cemetery Croonaert Chapel Cemetery In the foreground the Croonaert Chapel Foto: www.westhoekverbeeldt.be