Who am I

My first name is Johny, born in Tielt on June 7, 1952, I come from a family of 7 children. My maternal grandfather, fought during World War I to the Yser front, my father was during second world war in the resistance and then is left to Korea war. Hence my great interest in the war. I was married to Clarisse, from Côte d'Ivoire and father of three children, two daughters and one son, grandfather of four grandchildren.

Since 7 June I have retired after Europe for a long time as a truck driver. As a spoiled resident in Wijtschate in 2007, I began to be interested in the many cemeteries, monuments and sites that are located in and around Wijtschate. In 2012 I started to put a small site about Wijtschate on the internet but due to lack of time I could not finish it so I decided to start a full new site and place it on the internet as of 7 June 2017 as a souvenir To the 100th anniversary of the Great Schilling of Wytschate, I therefore open this to anyone interested in this event. Hopefully you will enjoy my site's overflow and will not leave behind any comment in the guestbook.

American armed forces

During the period from 25 July to 2 October 1918 during the Battle Ypres-Lys there were US armed forces in the neighborhood of Wijtschate, as well as Kemmel. Here is a picture view of the 27th American Division, from Vandenberghe Farm, Vierstraat Ridge, Vierstraat, Byron Farm, Dickebusch, Black Cot, Bois de Wytschaete and Red Chateau.

View of the Vierstraat Ridge

From 18 August to 4 September 1918, the 27th and 30th Division of the American Armed Forces fought in the vicinity of Kemmel-Vierstraat. On August 31, 1918, the 27th Division took over the hamlet Vierstraat, while the 30th Division did not make any progress due to the strong opposition of the Germans. On September 1 an attack was deployed, with both divisions reaching the set goals. On September 2, a German attack was fired by the 30th Division at the farm of Lankhof. On September 3th the 27th Division was redeemed and on September 4th the 30th Division.

Monument to the 27th and 30th American Division