Cemeteries of Wijtschate
1.Derry House Cemetery N°.2

This cemetery is close to Torreken Farm, there was also an N ° .1, this was evacuated. Founded by the 32nd Brigade of the 11th Division in June 1917, there are 16 demolitions of the Royal Irish Rifles who took Wijtschate on June 7th. This was a first-grave cemetery until December 1917, and was re-commissioned by the 2nd London Scottish in October 1918. There are 126 British and 37 Australian soldiers buried. Behind the cemetery is a small German bunker.

Entrance of the cemetery

Small German bunker

2.R.E.Farm Cemetery (Royal Engineers)

This cemetery was the English name for "Twelve Blunders" Hofstede who remained in allied hands until April 1918, after the Kemmelslag. In December 1914, the 1st Dorsets began a cemetery next to the courthouse, by the fronts and fieldambulances continued to April 1916 and sometimes in 1917. In January 1915, the same battalion placed a new cemetery (N ° 2) on the other side of the farm Where only 24 graves were laid. After the ceasefire, this was evacuated and grouped in the n ° 1 cemetery. There are 179 tombs of which 132 British and 47 Canadian defeated soldiers.

Entrance of the cemetery

View of the cemetery and the nearby farm

3.Somer Farm Cemetery

3. Summer Farm Cemetery

This cemetery is located 750m northeast of the village of Wijtschate, 70m in the Hollebekestraat in the district "Sprout Haan", it is named after the nearby farm and was built in June 1917 to March 1918, afterwards again in October 1918. There are 91 graves, of which 72 are British and 19 Australian

Entrance of the cemetery

View of the cemetery

4.Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery

This cemetery can be reached from, downtown Wijtschate towards Kemmel via the Wijtschatestraat, after 1500m turn left into the Scheerstraat and on the left in the Scheerstraat, is the Spanbroek mill British Cemetery. There is a 200m access road to the cemetery, which is not accessible by car. The cemetery is named after a windmill that was near and contains the graves of men killed in action on the first (or in three cases the second) day of the Battle of Messines in 1917. The cemetery was destroyed in later operations but Was found again after the ceasefire. There were 58 victims of the First World War buried or commemorated in the cemetery. Special memorials commemorate six soldiers who were known to be buried in the cemetery but whose graves were later destroyed.

Path leading to the cemetery

Entrance of the cemetery
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R.E.Farm Cemetery
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Somer Farm Cemetery
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Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery
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