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Welcome to my site about Wytschaete.
This site is designed to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War in Wytschaete. This is as a tribute to the many killed, wounded and missing soldiers, as well as many civil vitims who have fallen by horrific war. As well as those who are now affected even daily by the war conflicts in this world.

  German soldiers in the trenches of center of the Wytschaete

Already in 961 Wytschaete was named in a deed. Wytschaete belonged to the castellany Ypres (Viscountcy). During the middle Ages, often the scene of wars.

In 1328 Wytschaete was campsite of the French King who besieged Ypres.Later in 1383 the British passed by Wytschaete. In 1566 the church was partially destroyed and sufferd among the beggars.

Unrest by gangs of robbers who came from Ostend. In 1573 the parish priest Marchand was murdered. In 1635 began again the war and lasted until 1672. Wytschaete also part of France.

In 1713 the French were driven out and the Austrians to power But in 1740 the French are back here. From 1789 started the French Revolution and the church was used as a horse stable. After the French occupied Wytschaete was peaceful.

Until 1914 Wytschaete was ransacked and occupied by the Germans until 1917.

This will repeat itself again in 1940 to 1945 during World War II.

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British moving out the village

Geography about Wytschaete

Wytschaete is a village located in the Belgian province of West Flanders. It is a district that is part of hills. A village with around 2100 inhabitants in an area of 26,24 km². It is a range of hills with the height of 84 meters.

At the corner of Staanijzer Street and Ypres Street on the left, the inn "De Barrière"

Corner of Staanijzer Street and Ypres Street

Wytschate Tramway Station
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Wytschaete before, during and after the war
Pen drawing of the church of Wytschate Church before the war Ypres Street during the war Reconstruction of the village after the war