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Since October 11, 2009, Poelkapelle has added a new monument, namely the Tank Memorial. It is a beautiful monument to all the demolitions of the World War II tankers in the Ypres.

In the presence of numerous prominent representatives, including Governor Paul Breyne, the monument was inaugurated. Here are some pictures of this monument. It is located near the market square at the Guynemer monument.

Differents flag bearers

Clarion blazers of the "Last Post" with in front Mr.Antoine Verschoot died on the 01 February 2017

Speech by Mr.Dirk Vinck

Speech by Gouvernor Paul Breyne of the province West-Flanders

Speech by Mayor Alain Wyffels of the municipality of Langemark-Poelkapelle

Speech by Pastor

Speech by Johan Vandewalle

Inauguration of the Tank Monument

Tank plate at the bottom right under the plaque
Commandobunker under the Mount Kemmel

The command bunker is located on military domain in Letting Street 64, 8950 Dranouter (Mount Kemmel). For further information about visits and history: click on the link.

Entrance to the building to the bunker underground

View of the transmission room where all the notes are taken
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Memorial plate
Memorial plate Piper British representative speech Speech by the Commander of the Tank Battalion School children of Poelkapelle singing Flower wreath depositing by Governor Paul Breyne of the province of West-Flanders Flower wreath depositing by the Mayor Alain Wyffels of the municipality of Langemark-Poelkapelle After the flower wreath depositing
Command bunker
Info panel bunker View of the room where all data was processed.